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How to Transfer Music from OnePlus to iPhone Quickly and Easily

Peter Rugg Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:26 PM

It is no surprise that smartphone has been the dominant portable music players in the world, overtaking almost all the dedicated music players like MP3 player and iPod. Many people use smartphone for listening to music when out and about, instead of carrying multiple devices.

As a popular form of recreation, music becomes more of a focus in our daily life. When you switch your old OnePlus phone to new iPhone, you may probably want to take all the songs along the journey. There are multiple options for this task. Your first instinct may be connecting both devices to the computer and take the drag-and-drop approach between folders. Or you may employ iTunes service or Bluetooth file sharing program built in smartphone to make it.

If you want to quickly copy music tracks from OnePlus to iPhone, there is no need to mess around with configurations in your smartphone. Just a professional tool named Phone Transfer will do the trick.

Phone Transfer is committed to migrating all the available music files from OnePlus to iPhone, along with other file types including contacts, SMS messages, photos, videos, etc. It is fully compatible with most versions and models of smartphones and tablets powered by iOS, Android, and WinPhone.

Backing up your phone data is an imperative to keep the important data safe. With Phone Transfer, you can easily create local backup files on the computer and restore them in case of a problem (loss, theft, water or physical damage).

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It is a cinch to handle the transfer process: Choose data transfer mode > connect two handsets > tick off the date type (music) > start copying. In the following, we'll guide you through a step-by-step process of transferring music tracks from OnePlus to iPhone.

Step 1: Select Phone to Phone Transfer mode

Run the program on the computer and you can spot a clean interface displaying four different modes, just like the screenshot below. Since we are ready to perform the music transfer from OnePlus to iPhone, we should select the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Plug in OnePlus and iPhone to the computer with two USB cables. After this step, you also need to turn on USB Debugging Mode on OnePlus and tap trust on iPhone.

Step 2: Choose music from the content box

Once both handsets get connected successfully, their icons will be shown on the pane. If OnePlus and iPhone are incorrectly placed, use the button Flip to make a switch.

A list of items is displayed on the center of the screen. In this instance, we choose Music by putting a checkmark in the box. The same with other data types.

Step 3: Start moving the songs to the iPhone

Press the Start Copy button at the lower-center place to engage the program in migrating all songs in OnePlus over to iPhone. Please don't interrupt the process.


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