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How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone 13

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:26 PM

If you have been using an Android smarthphone for years and are considering getting a new iOS device, then iPhone 13 is a good choice. Due to Android and iPhone 13 are using two different mobile operating systems and Apple provides limited access to iOS device's files, moving text messages from Android to iPhone 13 is not as easy as within two Android handsets.

If you lack patience to follow some complex steps online, then you can have a try at Phone Transfer. This program is regarded as an all-rounder and is an absolute cinch to use. Its greatest strength is its ability to copy a large substantial number ofmessages from Android smartphone to iPhone 13, along with contacts, music, photos, calendars and videos. The program supports data moving between iOS, and Android.

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It would be an ordeal if your handset gets broken or stolen accidentally. To prevent this from happening, backing up your phone is a good idea. Phone Transfer understands this and gives you options to back up the important content to the computer, and restore data from the supported devices and backup files you created with iTunes, iCloud, Kies, OneDrive in one click.

Now, click the button above and download the right copy of the program for your home computer. After that, follow the steps below to get all the text messages on the Android phone transferred over to the new iPhone 13.

Step 1: Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode

Upon startup, the software features an easy-to-understand interface, with helpful description that pops up when you move the mouse over to any one of modules. For the purpose of this article, we're going to move messages from Android to iPhone 13, so we choose the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" module on the left side.

You'll get into a screen like this. Then take two supplied USB cables to hook up your both devices with the computer, and don't forget to turn on USB Debugging Mode on your Android phone. For iPhone 13, simply tap trust when a notification opens in home screen.

Step 2: Scan the Android device and then select text messages option

Once connected, the two handsets will show up on both sides as source and destination. Use Flip button to switch their position if misplaced.

The program will start scanning your source Android smartphone automatically and finally return a list of data files on the center box of the screen.

To copy messages to iPhone 13 from Android phone, just check the box next to the Text Messages item. You can also check other data files that you wish to transfer.

Step 3: Start Android to iPhone 13 messages transfer process

All that is left now is hit the green Start Copy at the bottom center and the software will initialize the process of migrating all messages and other selected files from Android phone to iPhone 13.

The whole migration time varies, depending on the file size of your selected messages and other stuff. But this program will have your process completed in a fast manner. You can let the computer work for you and go do something fun.

That's it!

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