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How to Move Call History from iPhone to Sony Xperia Phone

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 14, 2022 8:51 PM

By opening up the call history page on your smartphone, you can have access to the call details up to several months, which records the numbers of the calls you have dialed, received, rejected and missed. On the pane of call history, you can add a recent call to the phone directory, call or text a number or filter the call logs by call types to get what you want.

Call history stores a large amount of information that can't be missing. If you switch from iPhone to Sony Xperia Android phone and still want to access the call records on the new device when you are on the go, then it makes sense to copy the call history saved on iPhone over to your new Sony Xperia phone. Even though it is not that difficult to move contacts (through email account), transferring call logs easily may need some sorts of applications.

Phone Transfer is one of the most popular choices for data transfer between phones and we've had very good results with it. It's a dedicated tool that delivers its services for migrating call history from the old iPhone to the new Sony Xperia smartphone as well as a bunch of other contents like contacts, messages, calendar events, videos, photos and tracks. It supports the majority of Android-based devices and iOS devices. It also offers backup function to help you get all important data backed up in your local computer in case your device encounters unexpected accident, and you can retrieve it whenever you need.

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The call history on your smartphone reveals lots of information. Sometimes you want to wipe out all the call logs from the old device when you decide to ditch it or sell it. The Mac version of this tool adds a new feature named "Erase your old phone", which enables you erase sensitive data permanently, rendering everything private unrecoverable.

Now, we'll walk you through the process on moving iPhone call records all the way to the new Sony Xperia smartphone. Let's get started.

Step 1: Select a mode

Launch the software on either your Mac or PC and opt for the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode from its main interface.

In the window that pops up, pick two USB cables to establish a connection between iPhone & Sony phone and computer. Then, switch on USB Debugging Mode on the Sony Xperia device. Then your iPhone should appear in the left side of the screen as source device and Xperia phone is supposed to be the destination device. If not, use Flip button.

Step 2: Scan the content

The program will make a deep scan of your iPhone. Once down, you'll be prompted to select what files you'd like to transfer over to the new Sony Xperia phone from the middle section of the window.

For the purpose of migrating call history in this article, just place a checkmark in front of "Call logs".

Step 3: Begin the call history transfer process

When you are ready, press the Start Copy button located in the bottom center, Phone Transfer will then do the rest of the work.

Once the iPhone call logs to Sony Xperia process is complete, you will be able to see the call history right on the Sony Xperia smartphone.

If you don't want to lose your precious data you've been hoarding for years, backing up it regularly on your computer is strongly recommended that ensures you're always going to have your important data (contacts, photos, messages, music, etc), even when disaster strikes.

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