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How to Transfer Data from Sony Xperia Phone to iPhone Instantly

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:25 PM

Getting used to a new mobile OS is not that difficult, but it comes at a cost: data transfer.

Before you are serious about the switch from Sony Xperia phone to iPhone, the first thing you should do is to make sure all of the existing data inside the Sony Xperia device is transferred to new iPhone. Many online applications involve move data from Sony Xperia to iPhone, but most of them are limiting and don't support migrating all the items like contacts, SMS, music, calendar events, photos and videos at a time. So how can you transfer content from Sony Xperia over to iPhone together instead of separately?

The answer to this question will be Phone Transfer. It acts as a bridge between any two devices and migrate contacts, text messages, photos, songs, videos, and others in between. Still, this program give you ability save the phone's content to the computer for a time when your device is broken or damaged, and you can restore it to any device of your choice.

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The guides as below walk you through a step-by-step process on moving all data files from Sony Xperia phone to iPhone at one go.

Step 1: Run the program

Run the Phone Transfer on your computer (Mac & PC) and a simple interface shows up. For our task of transferring Sony Xperia files to iPhone, select "Phone to Phone Transfer" to continue.

Next, connect your two devices to the computer. After that, unlock your Sony Android phone and enable USB debugging mode.

Step 2: select the data from Sony Xperia device

Once the connection is established, the icons representing Sony Xperia and iPhone will be displayed on the both sides of the window.

On the middle section, a data column consisting of contacts, text messages, music, photos, movies, calendar events is available for transfer.

Select data files you want to transfer by checking the box next to each type.

Step 3: Start transferring data to new iPhone

Once you have done with the selection, you can click the Start Copy button at the bottom center and Phone Transfer will commence the Sony Xperia to iPhone data transfer process.

Once you've finished the process, you can disconnect your both devices. Now, you're ready to use your new iPhone.

That's it!

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