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How to Transfer Data from Samsung Galaxy Phone to iPhone 14

Blake Sullivan Updated on Sep 27, 2022 9:34 PM

Hello, I just bought a new iPhone 14 lately. There are hundreds of text messages history, phone number contacts, photos, 500+ songs and other data saved on my Samsung Galaxy S8. I got to copy these data to my new iPhone 14. how?

It is a good idea to get a new iPhone 14 to replace your old Samsung device, but it is often a pain in the neck to transfer a fair amount of data from the old Samsung Galaxy phone to the new iPhone 14. The whole migration to a new ecosystem may sound as stressful as moving all your articles and appliances into a new house, making you worry whether all these text messages, contacts, songs and more will survive the transfer intact.

Not long ago, there was reason to worry. Now, it is not rocket science any more. Phone Transfer is specifically designed for smartphone users to transfer almost everything between devices, including data from Samsung to iPhone 14 or in turn, in a quick and easy manner. It is versatile and supports easy and complete transfer of contacts, messages, photos, movies, music tracks, calendar, call logs.

Besides, it enables you to make backup of your phone content to the computer just in case and lets you restore from the backups you created with iTunes, iCloud, OneDrive or Kies.

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A detailed tutorial with screenshots is given as follow, involving three basic steps to migrate all of important data from Samsung Galaxy phone over to iPhone 14.

Step 1: Run Phone Transfer

To start with, run the program on your computer. When the primary interface opens up, choose the green option labeled "Phone to Phone Transfer" to enter data transfer screen.

Pick up two USB cables to hook up your Galaxy Android phone and iPhone 14 with the computer. It's worth noting that your Android phone must be on USB Debugging mode (learn how to enable it) to get access. On iPhone 14, just tap trust when prompts on home screen.

Step 2: Select what stuff you want to transfer

Once two handsets are connected successfully, they will appear on the screen. Also, be sure that the Samsung phone should set up as sending device on the left side and iPhone 14 as the receiver on the right side. Flip button is available for switching their position if necessary.

On the middle content box, you have the option to choose which data to be moved from Samsung Galaxy phone to new iPhone 14. All you need to do is put a checkmark next to each item one by one.

Step 3: Start data transfer process

Here comes the last step. Press the Start Copy button at the bottom center. This software will begin copying all your selected data files from Samsung phone to your iPhone 14.

After the entire process is complete, disconnect both devices and you're ready to go!

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