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How to Transfer Text Messages from HTC to iPhone Seamlessly

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:26 PM

Switching devices can be a nice thing and a big step at the some time, especially when you go from one operating system to another totally different platform. In this article, a few tips will be offered to simplify the process of transferring messages from HTC to iPhone.

HTC device is nice to use, but it is reasonable to ditch the old HTC phone and buy the ticket to the newfangled iPhone. If you have already switch to iPhone from HTC, you may be working out a way to bring the HTC messages with you. The web is full of iPhone Messages transfer tools to move your messages from the old HTC Android phone. Some takes a large amount of effort and others are rocket science.

If you want a more straightforward and simpler approach, then Phone Transfer is the preferred option. The program is able to migrate multiple files in batches with just a few clicks. All you need to do is to connect your both HTC handset and iPhone to the computer, make HTC as the sending's phone, then select data files (calendar, messages, contacts, videos, music, photos) you want to move and finally, start the process.

Plus, the program offers options to back up the phone data to computer and restore it whenever you need.

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With the steps provided as below, you will find out it is easy to handle the process of coping all your messages from HTC Android to iPhone.

Step 1: Run Phone Transfer and connect two devices to computer

Install the program on the computer, launch it and you will be greeted with a simple interface with four modes. Click on the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to continue.

You will be asked to plug in two devices to the computer with the help of two USB cables. BTW, don't forget to turn on USB Debugging Mode on your HTC. For iPhone, just tap trust on its screen.

After that, you two devices should appear on the both sides of the screen. You can press Flip button to change their position to ensure that HTC is on the left as Source and iPhone on the right side as Destination.

Step 2: Scan the HTC phone and select "Text Messages" option

Phone Transfer will scan the HTC smartphone automatically and finally show you all file types available for transfer on the center box of the interface.

Then you can choose which file type(s) you want to transfer to your new phone. In our case, just tick the box next to "Text Messages" option.

Note: the transfer of call logs and Apps from Android to iOS is not supported.

Step 3: Start transferring HTC text messages to iPhone

Press Start Copy button to start the process of messages transfer. The pop-up window along with progress bar indicates the percentage of the task.

Once the process finishes, your iPhone Messages app should now be full of the text conversations you had on your old HTC Android phone.

And that's all there is to it.

The Bottom Line

With just a few clicks, all your HTC messages have been moved to iPhone quickly. As you can see on the main interface, you can use other modes to save and restore your data to/ from the computer.

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