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How to Transfer Data from LG Android Phone to iPhone XS (Max, XR) Seamlessly

face Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 14, 2022 9:33 PM

I'm using a LG V30 Android phone and just purchase a new iPhone XS from Apple Store. How can I move the data inside my LG to iPhone XS? I don't want to lose all my contacts, music, photos, sms, and any other files. Any suggestion?

When upgrading the old LG phone to iPhone XS (Max, XR), probably the first and most stubborn problem you will have to face is make sure that all of the data you have on the old LG smartphone for years comes with your new iPhone XS (Max, XR). Since Android and iOS are very different operating systems, you can't move data between them through copy-n-paste clicks just like you do that in two Android devices.

Thankfully, switching from Android to iOS doesn't have to be difficult. If you want to fulfill your task of transferring data from LG to iPhone XS (Max, XR) quickly and easily, then Phone Transfer may be the right one you exactly need.

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The program comes with an intuitive, modern and uncluttered interface that makes the content migration from LG over to iPhone XS (Max, XR) as easy as possible. It allows you to move almost everything without a glitch, whether it being messages, calendar events, contacts, or music, photos and movies. Another nice thing about it is that it offers you options to make regular backup of your phone on the local computer, and restore it when necessary.

Procedure - How to Migrate All Data from LG to iPhone XS (Max, XR)

The data transfer procedure is pretty simple. Basically what you need to do is to run the program, connect two phones, select what you want to migrate, and you're ready to go.

Step 1: Plug LG and iPhone into computer with USB cables

After you open up the program, it will ask you which function you wish to perform. For our example, click the green Phone to Phone Transfer option to enter the next transfer screen.

Next, make a connection with both your LG Android device and iPhone XS (Max, XR) to the computer. Make sure you enable USB debugging mode on LG Android and tap Trust on your new iPhone.

Step 2: Select the content you want to move

Once connected successfully, both devices will show on either side of the screen. In this example, we're going to move data files from LG over to iPhone XS (Max, XR), so here you must have the LG handset on the left of the window as sender device and the iPhone is on its right as receiver device. A Flip button is available for you to shift their position.

Now, you will get a list of content type on the center area of the window, including contacts, photos, music, video, messages, calendars.

Choose whatever you want to transfer by clicking the box next to the file type.

Step 3: Start data transferring process

When the data content you need to move is selected, hit the Start Copy button in the bottom of the window to start transferring data in LG smartphone to iPhone XS (Max, XR). Note that the devices should be well connected during the whole process.

The time it takes depends on how much data you decide to migrate. Be patient, it won't take too long.

That's it!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the transferring process is quite straightforward. So stop being anxious about the migrating data stuff, Phone Transfer can get the whole work done with the effort to reach the acme of perfection. Try it now!

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