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How to Transfer Data from iPhone to LG phone Seamlessly

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:26 PM

New features of smartphone are being released and it is fair enough to keep abreast with the times by upgrading to the latest phone regularly. But this sort of upgrade can make people rather annoyed as it is not easy to transfer the data and settings. By conventional approaches, phone to phone data transfer could take more time with many steps, which is not favored by some amateurs.

Upgrading from an iPhone to a LG Android phone? That's great! Making a move of data in between is necessary but not so easy to handle, especially when you are faced with different types of data like contacts, messages, music, photos and videos. The internet is filled with many options to pull this off, but If you are still battling with transferring a large array of data from iPhone to LG smartphone, then you may have a try with something like Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a simple and efficient tool that gives you options to copy everything from iPhone to LG Android phone or any other Android device, The content types is ranged from media files such as photos, videos, music, to personal information like contacts, messages, call history and calendar. You can choose some specific data to transfer, leaving out those you may not need. If you think that these data are important and can't afford to be lost or deleted, then it is possible to save them to computer using this software.

The following guide will walk you through the process of transferring your data to LG handset from iPhone. First, click the link below and download the program on the computer (Mac & PC).

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

Step 1: Attach iPhone and LG to the computer with USB cables

Upon opening up the Phone Transfer software on your machine, you'll see a main interface like image below, and then choose the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" tab to get into data migration screen.

Plug the two phones you wanted to transfer files in between using standard USB cables. Later, enable USB Debugging Mode on LG phone and tap trust on iPhone. Please wait for a while when it searches the data to transfer.

Step 2: Select what content you want to migrate

Once you've set up connection, Phone Transfer will detect two phones and shown their icon on both sides of the window. Please use Flip button, if necessary, to place two handsets in the order shown as below.

On the middle section, select any content type you want to migrate.

You can also check the box beside "Clear data before copy" at the bottom right corner if you wish to erase the data on your LG phone (if you've already used it) before the transfer process.

Before you check boxes in front of data files you want to transfer, you'll have to ensure that you have enough storage on the new LG Android phone to handle what's on the old iPhone.

Step 3: Start transferring stuff from iPhone to LG smartphone

After you complete the selection, at the bottom center of the screen, press the Start Copy button to start getting the data of your choice on iPhone to the new LG smartphone. The whole process can take a while, depending on how much content you have to transfer over.

Once your select data are done transferring, pick up your new LG Android handset, and you should be all set!

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