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How to Copy Call Logs from iPhone to ZTE Android Phone

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 14, 2022 8:51 PM

I just got a new ZTE Android phone, how can I move my call logs stored on the old iPhone to it? I want all files like contacts, calendar, music, messages and call logs copied to my new phone. This happens successfully with everything but not with the call history. Any information would be greatly appreciated guys!

Call history on smartphone bears a lot of information including caller and receiver as well as call date and duration. It helps you to keep track of who you have been talking to on the phone lately. When you replace iPhone with ZTE Android phone, It is always beneficial to have the call records by your side. Therefore, It is reasonable to copy the call history from iPhone to ZTE before you are fully aware of its importance.

Thanks to Phone Transfer, data migration between devices has become simpler than ever before. It can transfer almost everything, ranged from personal information (contacts, messages, call logs, calendars) to media files (photos, music, videos), from one phone to another regardless of the operating system your phone is running. You just connect two devices to the computer, run the program, select what you want to move, and you're ready to go.

Still, the program offers you options to create backup of your phone data just in case of emergency, and you can restore it whenever you need.

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We've shown you a simple way to pull music off from iPhone and move to PC. In the following, we're going to show you how to get call history on iPhone to the new ZTE Android phone.

Step 1: Open up the software and choose a mode

Double-click the software's icon on the desktop to run it. Then, on the main interface, choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Hook up two smartphones with the computer to establish a connection. You then will have to enable USB debugging mode on the ZTE phone to get access to data.

Step 2: Analyze the content

Once connection is set up, the program will display two both devices on each side of the screen. In our case, the iPhone should appear on the left side as source device, and the ZTE as the recipient. If not, use Flip button to reverse the order before beginning the transfer.

The software will automatically scan the iPhone when you have it located in the left side of the screen. Afterward, all content types it scans for transferring are shown in the middle section of the screen, just like the screen demonstrated below.

To transfer call logs from iPhone to ZTE phone, simply tick the checkbox in front of "Call logs" in the middle section.

Step 3: Begin the transfer process

Finally, press the green button labeled Start Copy at the bottom and the software will do the rest things.

Once done, a message will appear, indicating that your iPhone call logs have been imported to your Android ZTE device.

That's it! Here is another instructions on transferring iPhone contacts to iPhone with 5 efficient methods.

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