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How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S22

Elena Spencer Updated on Jun 1, 2022 9:06 PM

If you're planning on switching from iPhone to a new Samsung phone, how do you deal with the messages in your old device. As a matter of fact, transferring messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S22 (S22+, S22 Ultra) is quite simple with the right trick.

You are on cloud nine owning a magnificent Samsung Galaxy S22 device, but it is a mixed blessing. You feel bad at the sight of empty text messages inbox in S22 and you rack your brains to think up some ways to move all your text messages from the old iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S22 phone. As we known, unlike Android, iOS restricts most services to its own realm so you might have a hard time migrating messages from iPhone to Galaxy S22.

Today we're going to talk about a pretty useful app called Phone transfer, which provides you a hassle-free way to transfer almost everything, ranging from songs, videos, photos, to contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar between iOS and Android. Without involving tedious steps, you're able to complete the entire transfer quickly.

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for Windows | for MacOS

The program works well on both Mac and Windows. Just download the right version on your computer accordingly and follow the steps as below to copy text messages from iPhone to Galaxy S22.

Step 1: Connect with two devices

Open up the program on your computer. Acquaint yourself with the four modes on its main interface.

Then select phone to phone transfer and proceed to the next step.

Connect your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S22 through USB cables. At the same time, put your Samsung phone on USB debugging mode. For iPhone, tap trust on the screen.

Step 2: Choose Text Message option in the list

After the connection, you will notice both handsets are shown on both sides of the screen. click Flip button to exchange their positions to ensure that iPhone is on the source position and Samsung S22 on the destination position.

All the transferrable data like contacts and photos along with its quantity is displayed longitudinally on the middle pane.

In this article we will be transferring SMS to new Samsung Galaxy S22 from iPhone, so you only need to mark the Text Messages by tick the box beside it.

Step 3: Press "Start Copy"

Once the text messages selected you may start process of migrate your text messages from iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy S22. To do it hit the Start Copy button at the lower center of the screen. The whole process it will take depends on how many pieces of text messages in the source iPhone.

Click OK as soon as the migrating process is finished. Now, you can go to the SMS inbox on Samsung Galaxy S22 to check the text messages.

Tips: if you find out several important pieces of messages have been deleted in your iPhone accidently, you can recover text messages from iPhone using the iPhone data recovery software and then sync them back to your device.

If you fear that you might get the text messages lost, you can utilize the backup feature. The software is able to back up all the text messages to the computer and get them back to your device if needed.

That's the end of this article. Happy SMS transferring!

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