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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S22 (S22+, Ultra)

Rob Parsons Updated on Jun 1, 2022 9:04 PM

As Samsung's next flagship smartphone—Samsung Galaxy S22 (S22+, S22 Ultra) has been going public recently, the outstanding features on the internet may attract a lot of phone users. It is no wonder that some users may ready to switch their iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S22 to have the new experience.

However, although both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone enjoy strong reputation in the world, one common complaint among users is the trouble they get into when they want to transfer music from an iPhone to a Galaxy S22 (S22+, S22 Ultra), especially if it's the first time for them to use Android.

Luckily, whether you're looking to make transfer of music from old iPhone to new Galaxy S22 phone or simply backup all your stuff in the old device to your computer, Phone Transfer has you covered! It is a handy and friendly data moving tool, providing users with an effective method for copying data from iPhone to Samsung such as contacts, music, calendar, text messages and call logs, photos and videos.

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The Program also allows you transfer data from iPhone to other Android phones like LG, Huawei, Sony, Google, ZTE, Motorola, etc., and back up your data in computer or external hard drive.

Let's keep on track and see how it performs in moving songs from iPhone to Samsung S22.

Step 1: Connect both iPhone and Galaxy S22 phone to computer

Download the program by clicking the links above for your computer system and follow the in-built instructions to install it on the desktop.

Run the program and click Phone to Phone Transfer to enter its mode.

iPhone music to Samsung S22

Connect both your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S22 via USB cables. Please activate USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy S22 and tap Trust option when a message pops up on your iPhone.

Step 2: Select Music in the data list

Now, both your two devices are displayed on the either block of the interface. Make sure that your iPhone should be the source device on the left block and Samsung Galaxy S22 is on the right block as target device. You may click Flip button to switch their positions.

As you can see, all the data available for migrating are listed in order with number on the middle pane of the interface.

In this tutorial, we're going to move music from iPhone to a new Samsung Galaxy S22, just check the box next to Music option in the list.

It should be noted that apps are not supported to move from iPhone to Samsung S22 because of the limitations and restrictions of their own system.

Also, Phone transfer allows you to smash the exiting files in your target device if your target device has been used. Click Clear data before copy to delete.

Step 3: Start Music transfer process

In the last step, you just hit the Start Copy button to commence the process of transferring music from iPhone to Galaxy S22 Android phone.

Wait with patience until the progress bar is chocked-full, and you can disconnect both two devices.

Now, check the music inside Samsung Galaxy S22 and enjoy the songs!

Apart from transferring data between two devoices, Phone Transfer also serves the functions of backing up the data to the PC and retrieve the backups to any supported devices whenever.

Give it a try now!

If you want to backed up your iPhone music to Mac before you make a switch from iPhone to Samsung S22, then you can transfer something like iPhone Data Transfer. Unlike iTunes which cannot be used directly with Android, it works as a vehicle between Android, computer, and iTunes and allows you to preview the media files and transfer to your Android device selectively.

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