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How to Transfer Text Messages from LG to iPhone 12 (Pro, Max, Mini)

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:26 PM

After ten-year assiduously exploration over smartphone design in a audacious new direction, Apple company finally gets its latest flagship—iPhone 12 that Apple fans have been long anticipated launched. The refreshing design of iPhone 12 can be noted as another big leap in Apple's history since it possesses something radically different from previous iPhones.

It is in the genes that people are fond of the new and tired of the old. Having witnessed the fascinating features of iPhone 12, you may have grown tired of your dated LG Android handset on hand and turn to be the one who gets ready to join the army of coming iPhone 12 crew.

But before you dive into your shiny new iPhone 12 device, you will certainly want to take a considerable amount of data stored on your old LG Android smartphone, text messages for example, with you. The good news is the process of moving messages (and other stuff) from a LG to an iPhone 12 is quite easy and straightforward.

There are a number of different ways available to help migrate messages on LG Android to iPhone 12, but if you want to make the transfer as simple as having a walk in the park, then Phone Transfer really hits the spot. This tool offers you a quick and easy way to copy your text messages from LG handset to iPhone 12, together with other items like contracts, music, video, photos if you want. It also enables you to back up phone data on the computer to keep your important information from losing, and you can restore it any time.

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Let's have a look at how this software works.

Step 1: Hook up both your LG Android and iPhone 12 with the computer

After installation, you should run the program first. In the main interface, there are four options coming into your sight. To transfer your messages, you should click the green Phone to Phone Transfer module to proceed.

In the next window that appears, you establish connection between your two devices and the computer. You will be asked to enable USB debugging mode on LG handset and tap Trust on your iPhone 12 home screen.

Step 2: Select the content you wish to transfer

The next window is the indication of successful connection. Your LG handset should be displayed as the source device on the left side of the window and the iPhone 12 should be displayed as the destination device on its right. You can use the Flip button on the top centre to switch their position.

The software will scan your log LG Android phone automatically. Once done, it should return a list of content types in the centre pane of the window.

In our case, here we simply place a check mark in front of Text messages.

Step 3: Start text messages transferring process

When everything is ready, hit the green Start Copy button at the bottom of the window, Phone Transfer will start transferring all your text messages from the old LG smartphone to your new iPhone 12.

A small window will open up in front of you, indicating the progress status. When it get to 100% mark, you'll get a notification that the transfer process is completed.

Now you're ready to unlock your shiny new iPhone 12 and check the text messages conversations in Messages app. Enjoy!

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