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How to Transfer Data Files from Huawei to iPhone 14

Rob Parsons Updated on Sep 27, 2022 9:31 PM

You tend to purchase the newer Apple iPhone 14 and make the switch from an Huawei phone. If you're confused about copying all your data to the new device, just take it easy, here's the tutorial of transferring all Huawei data over to iPhone 14 so that you can enjoy your new device with ease.

The unveiling of the groundbreaking iPhone 14 has came the reveal of its new features and capabilities that really impresses customers. So, for those who using an Android device, notably a Huawei phone, may be ready to switch to iPhone. But one thing should be concerned about is that how to get reams of data – songs, calendar, contacts, text messages, photos and other stuff across from Huawei over to iPhone 14 without any loss.

Thankfully, this article may be a lifesaver for those users who have managed to perform the task of moving data from old Huawei phone to new iPhone 14.

When you Google search or search for on the web, you may notice that various of apps appear all offering nearly the same service and you should fiddle with the ones spending a whole day. Hence, this guide will tackle this issue, safely avoiding data loss and other unexpected incidents during the data transfer from Huawei to iPhone 14, with a tool named Phone Transfer.

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It's a neat and efficient program for easily getting almost everything (contacts, call logs, messages, photos, music, videos, etc) off one device and transfer to another which is running on Android or iOS in one shot. And it gives options to make full control on what types of files you'd like to bring over to the destination device.

What's more, the tool also comes with backup and restore options, allowing users to backup phone data onto a computer to create copies in case your device is lost or damaged accidently, and restore from the copies or from iTunes & iCloud backups to device of your choice.

The following article goes through all three steps of migrating all data from Huawei to iPhone 14.

Step 1: Launch the program and plug two devices into computer

Follow the on-screen instruction to install the program onto your computer. Fire up the program and you'll be greeted with the clean and neat startup interface, with four modes attached.

For copying Huawei data over to iPhone 14, first, you need to choose the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Now, you'll get into a window where you're required to have both Huawei Android phone and new iPhone connected to your machine with corresponding charging USB cables.

Also, you need to enable USB debugging mode on your Huawei phone to let the program access to read the data and tap Trust on your iPhone when the notification pops up.

Step 2: Select data on Huawei to be transferred

Once successfully connected, this program will start detecting two devices and scanning through the internal memory of the source Huawei phone.

When the scan is done, the image of your Huawei mobile phone and iPhone 14, along with device's name, will get displayed individually on the either side of the window. Make sure iPhone is the destination device on the right part in this case, otherwise, you need to click the Flip button to make it.

Meanwhile, it will return you a list of data that's compatible for the new iPhone 14 on the center section. "Contacts", "Text messages", "Calendar", "Photos", "Videos", "Music" – all are here and selectable.

To move data to iPhone 14 from the old Huawei phone, highlight the options by ticking the checkboxes in front.

When you move data from Android phone to iPhone, you may notice that Apps and Call logs option are grayed out, which means that these two types of file transfer is not possible due to incompatibility issue between iOS and Android.

Step 3: Start content transfer process

Confirm the checkboxes of everything you want to sync are checked and hit the Start Copy under the list of the file types. The program will begin getting all data off Huawei and put onto iPhone 14.

The transferring process will take some of time. Wait patiently until the process is complete and once done, all of your selected contents should be showing in your shiny new iPhone 14.

That's it! Enjoy yourself with the brilliant iPhone!

The Bottom Line

That's the complete guide about migrating data files from Huawei phone to iPhone 14 using the Phone Transfer. Undoubtedly, it's a helpful utility when it comes to a direct transfer between two different devices. Just download and try it.

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