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How to Copy Text Messages from iPhone to Google Pixel Phone

I am using my iPhone 6s currently. I am planning to get a new Google Pixel phone next month. I want the same SMS on the Google Pixel device, but I am not sure how to transfer a host of text messages from my old iPhone to it. Is there any way or program to do this without so much operations?

You may choose Android over iPhone for some reasons. By comparison with iPhone's walled garden strategy, Android features flexibility, which allows users to have a unique experience in terms of software and hardware. Switching from one smartphone to another is not an easy task, in particular when you are going from iPhone to Google Pixel Android device. Getting used to a new platform doesn't need too much skills for a technology-savvy person like you, but one area that takes some effort is how to get a large array of iPhone text messages over to Google Pixel phone. Thankfully, there is a tool that can do the trick.

Phone Transfer is our favorite. It can transfer everything you can, including text messages from iPhone to Google Pixel in a direct and quick manner. As a professional data transferring tool, it's able to move numerous data types that consist of contacts, text messages, call history, photos, music and more. It can be applied to different platforms, whether you are switching to Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Besides, this program assumes the role of data backup and restoration. You can use the backup mode to save your contacts, SMS, call history, songs and day-to-day photos to the computer. When your phone gets damaged and can't access the data, you can restore the content directly from the computer to another device.

The process of migrating SMS from an iPhone to a Google Pixel phone has never been easier. Just follow the guide below to finish the task.

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Step 1: Choose data transferring mode

To initiate a transfer from an iPhone, first open up Phone Transfer and you will be presented with a simple interface with four modes on it. Choose the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

The interface as below means you need to connect the two devices to the computer with USB cables. Meanwhile, enable USB Debugging Mode on Google Pixel and tap trust on iPhone.

Step 2: Tick the category "Text messages" from iPhone

After being identified, the two handsets can be seen on both sides. Use Flip button to make sure iPhone is on the left side and your Pixel phone on the right pane.

The data types from iPhone have been listed in categories on the middle pane. All you need is to tick off the specific category one by one. For copying messages from iPhone to Google Pixel, simply tick off the category Text messages.

Step 3: start exporting iPhone messages and putting onto Google Pixel

Press Start Copy button below the content box to start moving text messages to Google Pixel from iPhone. A pop-up window will show you the progress status. The conversion time varies, depending on the file size of selected data files on the source iPhone, but it will be finished in a fast way.

When the progress bar moves to 100 percent, click OK to close the window. Now you can view the messages in the new Google Pixel.

Note: If a portion of text messages have been lost in your old iPhone due to mistaken deletion or other reasons, you can heck this article: How to Recover Lost Messages from iPhone to get them back quickly and safely.

The Bottom Line

Phone Transfer is a very useful program that combine multiple features together. With this software in hand, switching devices regularly can really save your time and effort. There might be a learning curve when switching to shiny new Google Pixel Android handset from iPhone since Android and iOS are very different. Enjoy!