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How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to OnePlus and Vice Versa

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:25 PM

As the cliché goes, the only thing that remains constant is change itself and smartphone technology is no exception at this case. Every year, cool smartphones of various brands are released with new features to fulfill different needs. After having been used iPhone for years, now you want to change your device to a new OnePlus Android device to differ from others.

Change is great, but it is accompanied by price. How can you transfer all your data including SMS messages from old iPhone to new OnePlus (and vice versa)?

Although many instant messaging apps have sprung up in recent years, texting messages is still counted as the major way for communication. Before you move heaven and earth to transfer text messages from iPhone to OnePlus with the skills provided on the internet, please take some time to learn about Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer, as its name indicates, helps to copy your personal data from one phone to another without any restrictions. It can migrate all valuable stuff like contacts, call logs, messages, calendar, pictures, tracks and videos. More than that, it helps you back up the important files on the computer. Whenever you need the files back, you can restore them from the original path on the computer, or even extract data from iTunes & iCloud & OneDrive backup you made previously.

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Now, just download the application on the computer and get the iPhone messages migrated to OnePlus and vice versa by following the step-by-step guide. It also allows for data transfer between iOS and other Android phones.

Step 1: Choose the data transfer mode

Open up the software on computer. In its main interface, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Hook up both iPhone and OnePlus with the computer by use of USB cables. Then, enable USB Debugging Mode on OnePlus and tap trust on iPhone to allow to be accessed by the software.

Step 2: Scan the iPhone

Once connected, the two smartphones will be visible on the both sides of the interface. It makes sense when iPhone is located on the left and OnePlus on the right. If not, use Flip button.

The software will begin scanning the iPhone memory and display all transferrable data files on the center pane such as contacts, messages, calendar, videos, photos, music, call logs.

Check the box next to Text messages option and other options if required.

Step 3: Press "Start Copy" button to begin transfer process

When you're satisfied with your selection, hit the green Start Copy button at the bottom-center side to start moving text messages from the old iPhone to the new OnePlus phone. A window pops up, showing you what percentage of the process has been completed.

After the process is finished, you are able to disconnect both gadgets and check the messages in your OnePlus.

Done! It's also advisable to back up text messages and other files on your Android phone in case something goes wrong in future.

The Bottom Line

For those frequent smartphone switchers, Phone Transfer is a nice assistant to help them migrate important data files between old device and new one. You just need to focus on the newly-bought smartphone and leave Phone Transfer to take care of the rest things.

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