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Quick ways to transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone

We use different apps almost every day. They store our personal data locally on our phone. So when we buy a new phone, transferring apps seems like a necessary task.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jul 9, 2023 12:54 PM

It's tempting to use your new iPhone right away after it arrives, but what about your previous app data on your old iPhone? Some of them may be important to you, so you will not want them to be left behind. The only way to keep your current data is to transfer apps from your old iPhone to the new one. But when talking about data transfer, you may feel it a little tricky.

However, thanks to some effective data transfer tools, moving apps from iPhone to iPhone is becoming a surprisingly straightforward process. And in this post, we'll explain four easiest and quickest ways to transfer your iPhone apps.

  • Quick Start is absolutely an excellent way for you to move your apps to new device, helping you get a quick start when setting up the new iPhone.
  • With the all-round solution Phone Transfer, you can easily transfer your apps and other data from iPhone to iPhone in a sing click.
  • When you upgrade your iPhone, iCloud allows you to completely sync your existing iPhone, including apps and data, to a new phone.
  • AirDrop is a common option when people want to share photos, videos and music. Actually, it's also available for you to share the apps on your iPhone.

Transferring apps between old iPhone and new iPhone helps you keep all previous data.

Transfer apps from old iPhone to new iPhone via Quick Start

Using Quick Start, you are able to set up your new iPhone rapidly. All your apps on the old iPhone can be quickly moved to your new iOS device without hassle. The capability of Quick Start relies on Bluetooth and your Apple ID, so make sure Bluetooth is activated on both of your iPhones, and put them near each other. Please keep in mind that this procedure will copy all your precious data and apps to the new iPhone.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on two iPhones and place them within Bluetooth range.
  • When your iPhones detect each other and get paired successfully, your new iPhone will display an animation on its screen. Scan it with your old iPhone.
  • To start the app transfer, type your old iPhone password on the new iPhone. Wait for a while, and all apps and data will be moved from your old iPhone to new iPhone automatically.

Transfer apps from old iPhone to new iPhone using Quick Start.

Transfer apps from iPhone to iPhone with a single click

If you have too much app data on your iPhone and don't like to wait for a long time, Phone Transfer will be a perfect alternative for you. It is a simple, user-friendly data transfer tool that allows you to move various kinds of data between two iPhones with ease, including your apps, contacts, call records, text messages, music, photographs, videos, and much more.

Its simple interface and straightforward transfer allow users to navigate through different options and transfer apps between iPhones easily. What's more, it's compatible with abundant operating systems and also supports the latest iOS version, which means you can apply the app transfer across different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and macOS.

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for Windows | for MacOS

Step 1: Download and open Phone Transfer on your computer.

Install and launch Phone Transfer on your Windows PC or Mac.

It's available to transfer WhatsApp and also other app data from one iPhone to another.

Step 2: Choose 'Phone Transfer' > 'Phone to Phone'.

In order to move the apps, on the welcome screen, choose Phone Transfer mode at the top. Then multiple options will be available about how you want to share your app data. Click on Phone to Phone option.

Select 'Phone to Phone' to transfer apps from one iPhone to another iPhone directly.

Step 3: Connect both iPhones and start transferring apps between iPhones

  • Then connect both your iPhones. If asked, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the USB debug process. You can also switch two iPhones by clicking on Flip at the top.
  • On the center box, select the app data you want to transfer from one iPhone to another. Click Start and let it move apps from the source iPhone to the target iPhone.

Move app data from the source iPhone to destination iPhone with a single click.

Once done, you can disconnect your iPhones and access the synced apps on your new iPhone as you want. Phone Transfer makes it easy and quick to transfer apps between iPhone and iPhone. All it requires is just a single click.

Sync apps between iPhones using iCloud

iCloud is also a convenient option for transferring apps from iPhone to iPhone. Unlike Quick Start and Phone Transfer that offers direct app transfer between iPhones, iCloud entails a backup and restore procedure, which basically works like old iPhone to iCloud, and then iCloud to new iPhone.

Before you start, ensure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection during the transfer as it requires a stable connection to cloud storage service.

1. Turn on a Wi-Fi network and get your iPhones connected to it.

2. Navigate to the Settings tab on your old iPhone, then choose your account name. Next, tap iCloud > iCloud Backup from the list.

3. Enable iCloud Backup and then pick Back Up Now from the options. Then, wait patiently for the backup process to finish.

Back up apps from iPhone to iCloud.

4. Turn on your new iPhone by inserting your SIM card,and go through the setup process.

5. Select your Wi-Fi network on the Wi-Fi screen and follow the on-screen directions until the Apps & Data Screen displays.

6. Select Restore from iCloud Backup and log in to iCloud using the same Apple ID. Next, select the most recent backup you made and wait for iCloud to restore your app data to new iPhone.

Choose Restore from iCloud Backup when setting up new iPhone.

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Although iCloud is available for transferring apps, it only has 5 GB cloud storage for free. And there is no doubt that the apps on your old iPhone will definitely exceed the limit. So iCloud might be a helpful tool for app transfer, but it won't be your first option when switching to a new iPhone.

AirDrop apps between iPhone and iPhone

As a preset feature on every iOS device, AirDrop allows you to share files from one iPhone to another. It's a common option when you like to share pictures, songs and so on. Actually, it also helps when you want to share an app.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth should be turned on first. Then, to use AirDrop, go to Settings > General > AirDrop and select the Contacts only or Everyone.
  • Choose the app you wish to share and keep pressing on it. Now from the following options, select Share, and then choose the target iPhone.
  • On another iPhone that you sync apps to, you will see a given choice to approve or disapprove of the reception. If you want to proceed with the process, select Accept.


By following any of the methods mentioned above, you will get the apps on your new iPhone right away. Some just have more steps than others. If you are looking for the easiest solution, then Phone Transfer is a highly efficient method because it includes only one simple click, and you will get all the apps on your new iPhone device.

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