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How to Transfer Data from an Android Phone to an iPhone 13 (Pro, Max)

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:25 PM

Once again, Apple revamps its iPhone lineup with the terrific iPhone 13.

As you get your hands on the eagerly anticipated new smartphone, most likely you would like to get your data on the old Android phone transferred to the new iPhone 11 as quickly as possible. Is it easy to migrate content from Android to iPhone 13? Yes and no. There are multiple ways to migrate data from one device to another such as NFC, Bluetooth, iCloud and Gmail, but whether it is possible or easy depends on which two smartphones are involved and what kinds of data are being transferred. Evidently, iPhone 13 and Android all have their own ways of transferring data and they hate talking to each other.

Thankfully, Phone Transfer try its best to overcome such obstacles and get all the stuff from an Android handset to an iPhone 13 without trouble, including contacts, text messages, calendars, songs, photos and videos. Besides, it works as a great data backup and restoration tool, allowing you to archive what's vital to the computer and get the saved content back when necessary. Other retrieve options includes iTunes, iCloud, OneDrive and more.

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for Windows | for MacOS

Phone Transfer runs well in both Windows and Mac platform. Please download and install the appropriate version on your computer and get started to copy data from Android over to iPhone 13 as directed as below.

Step 1: Run the software and select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode

Open up the program, it opens a basic interface where there are 4 modes you can choose from. In our case, choose the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to get into a data transferring screen.

Next, connect your both iPhone 13 and the Android smartphone using USB cables. Next, enable USB Debugging Mode on Android and tap trust on iPhone 13 to gain access.

Step 2: Analyze the Android handset and select the file types accordingly

Wait for a while until two handsets are displayed on the pane, as the screenshots shows. Using Flip tab to set Android as source device and iPhone 13 as destination device.

The software begins analyzing the Android phone memory and finally displays sorts of data to be transferred on the center box of the screen.

Next, simply place a checkmark next to the file types including contacts, photos, music, messages, calendar, videos you would like to move from Android smartphone to iPhone 13.

Step 3: Start moving what you choose to iPhone 13

The last step is simple. Press the green Start Copy button at the lower center of the screen and the software will start migrating all data types you selected from Android over to iPhone 13.

The program blows through data migration with impressive speed. Be patient.

You're done!

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The Bottom Line

With Phone Transfer at your fingertip, migrating data to a new smartphone is no longer a painful process any more from now on.

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