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How to Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra

Elena Spencer Updated on Jun 1, 2022 9:27 PM

Samsung Galaxy S22 series have been eventually released and unveiled on the market in 2022.

So you're happy with Galaxy S22 phone and get ready to pay up for one to replace your old iPhone? Switching mobile phones is a pretty easy part, however, there's one thing taking more naturally forethought is how to transfer all important data over from iPhone to your new Samsung Galaxy S22 (Plus, Ultra), including contacts, messages, calendar, photos and more files, so that your previous information is taken with you for daily use or business purposes.

Although you're moving away from an iOS to Android, the current software options for iPhone data migration to Galaxy S22 are virtually endless and will always be with you that makes the process of copying contents from iPhone and saving onto Galaxy S22 as painlessly as possible. Ideally, Phone Transfer is one of the nifty applications out of the Google searching results and with it, you can easily get almost everything off iPhone and move onto Galaxy S22 smartphone quickly.

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Cross-platform, portable, user-friendly, Phone Transfer is an all-round great smartphone data migration utility that works well at importing iPhone data files onto Samsung Galaxy S22 in one seamless move. It's easy enough to install the program and start working with it as long as you use a Mac or a PC as a go between and connect both two devices into the computer.

Stuff transferring straight from iPhone to Galaxy S22 is not all that Phone Transfer offers. It also gives user the ability to backup data on smartphones or tablets to computer for safekeeping and do a restore whenever something gets lost from devices.

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Read on as we walk you through the steps to get the data transferred directly to new Galaxy S22 from your old iPhone on a Mac machine using Phone Transfer, the process on a PC is actually the same.

Get Started on a Mac with Phone Transfer

Step 1: Attach Galaxy S22 and iPhone to Mac

Run the program on Mac after download and installation. On the startup interface, click on the green Phone to Phone Transfer module to perform the task of moving stuff from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S22.

On the next window, you are required to connect both your iPhone and S22 handset to the computer. Just grab the two included USB cables to do this.

Step 2: Select the types of iPhone data to copy over to Galaxy S22

Once well connected, both two devices will appear on the interface and you need to make sure your previous iPhone is on the Source pane, the left side of the interface. If not, you can click the Flip button to exchange the position.

Then the program will automatically scan your source iPhone and finally presents you with a list of transferrable contents in black characters on center pane. Note that Apps data is not supported migrating onto Galaxy S22 from iPhone.

Step 3: Start copying iPhone stuff to Galaxy S22

When everything looks well, hit the Start Copy button and the program will do the rest thing effectively — moving selected iPhone data files onto Samsung Galaxy S22 Android phone.

Depending on how much stuff you've selected to transfer over, the time the process will take is varied. You can monitor the green progress bar on the Transfer Progress panel to know how far along the process is.

That's it. All the data on iPhone has been safely migrated into your new Samsung Galaxy S22.

Phone Transfer dose offer one-click solution to get stuff off iPhone and onto Samsung Galaxy S22 effortlessly. If you want to manage the contents like importing, deleting, adding, editing or organizing the contacts, photos, videos and more before transferring over to Galaxy S22 from iPhone, then you can use iTransfer to make thing more manageable.

Use Free Samsung Smart Switch Mobile to Import iPhone Stuff onto Galaxy S22

Samsung also comes with the native yet free data transferring application — Smart Switch Mobile, to give users the freedom to transfer data files like messages, photos, contacts, songs and whatever stored in your iPhone to Galaxy S22 through iPhone data backup on iCloud or a USB OTG cable.

Through iCloud Backup

  • Back up your iPhone stuff to iCloud and disable iMessage option found in Setting app.
  • Open the app on Galaxy S22 and select iOS Device.
  • Tap on Import from iCloud and enter your iCloud login information.
  • Select the contents you want to move over from iPhone to Galaxy S22 and tap Import.

Through a USB OTG Cable

  • Grab a USB OTG cable to connect your iPhone and Galaxy S22.
  • Open the app on Galaxy S22 and choose Smart Switch option. Then tap Trust on iPhone's pop-up notification.
  • Tick the contents you're ready to copy cross from iPhone to Galaxy S22 and tap Import to start the data transfer.


Whether you employ Phone Transfer, iTransfer or the free Samsung Smart Switch Mobile application, you should have almost all your iPhone data files onto your brand new Galaxy S22 without data loss. Just choose one of program you feel most comfortable with.

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