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How to Transfer iPhone Music to Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra

Blake Sullivan Updated on Jun 1, 2022 9:22 PM

Samsung has always been the strong competitor among the Android world and it once again captures people's attention with the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series added to its lineup. You made the brilliant decision to make a switch from iPhone to Galaxy S22 because you are attracted by the new features. Now, you would like to know, "how to transfer all the music from the old iPhone to new S22?"

Music Streaming App

If you stream music with Apple Music or Spotify on iPhone, congratulations. These apps are also available on Android handset. Simply download the app on your Samsung Galaxy S22, sign into the account. You can listen to the same songs online or download the playlists as you did on iPhone. This way, you can save the trouble moving songs from the old iPhone to Galaxy S22.


This method requires you to prepare a Lightning cable and the small USB-C to USB adaptor that comes with the S22. Just plug the Lightning cable to the old iPhone and the adapter to the new Galaxy S22 and then connect the two. At this time, you get a message on both devices asking you to gain permission for data access. After that, you will get a list of data including contacts, photos, texts, songs to be transferred from iPhone to your new Samsung Galaxy S22. select the appropriate categories and then tap the Transfer on S22 to start the migration process.

iPhone Music to Samsung S22 transfer software

Phone Transfer that offers an easy method of migrating iPhone tunes to a new Samsung S22. It provides a full-scale transfer of data, covering contacts, messages, call history, music and other media files. For any content backed up to iTunes or uploaded to iCloud, you can restore from these two sources and get the files transferred to the Galaxy S22.

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

Here's the basic steps for copying music tracks on iPhone to new Samsung Galaxy S22 phone based on Mac platform. For Windows user, the process is basically the same.

Step 1: Launch the application

Now, double click the software to bring it up on your computer. On the interface, click Phone to Phone Transfer mode to get started with transferring iPhone songs to Galaxy S22.

Use two USB cables to connect your iPhone and Galaxy S22 device to the computer. You have to enable USB Debugging mode on the Galaxy S22 to read the data. On iPhone, tap trust when prompted.

Follow the instructions on allowing USB Debugging mode on Android.

Step 2: Choose Music category to be moved

Once connected, two devices icon should be shown on the pane. On the middle part, a list of scanned data from iPhone is displayed, contacts, text messages, call logs, music, etc.

If you only migrate music from iPhone to Galaxy S22 smartphone, deselect other data types and just left the "Music" option marked in the box.

Step 3: Copy all the iPhone music to Galaxy S22 quickly

Press Start Copy button at the bottom position to begin the process. Depending on the number of tracks you are getting onto Samsung Galaxy S22 handset from the old iPhone, it could take some time for the transfer to be completed. Please be patient.

As you see, there are numerous ways to get the tracks off old iPhone and transfer them to Galaxy S22, whether it is messing with cables or via Wi-Fi connection. Just find the way in your favor.

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