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How to Get Music from iTunes to Android (phone & tablet)

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 5:57 PM

I decided to get rid of my old iPhone and go with Android phone. I have a decent amount of music in iTunes library. So I'm wondering if there is a way to sync my music from iTunes with an Android phone so that I don't lose it or have it just sit there.

So you've been using iPhone for years, but you're ready to make a switch and go with Android camp. That's great. Before you leave the iOS for good, you might want to bring all songs in your iTunes library to get onto the new Android device. While there's no iTunes for Android, there are actually plenty of ways for you to move music from iTunes to Android.

In this article, we'll show you how to move music from iTunes to any Android phone or tablet using three methods. They are all easy — so make your choice and start moving.


If you've been a long time user of Apple iOS device there's a good chance that you have a large music library in iTunes. For those who are looking for a simple way to get tracks from iTunes to Android in just a few click, iPhone Data Transfer would be an awesome solution.

This application is unrivaled when it comes to its transfer feature. With it, you can copy music to and from your iTunes, Android devices, iPhone, iPad and computer, along with photos, videos, ringtones, podcasts, TV shows and audiobooks. You can manage your contacts and messages, and even create a backup of them on the computer.

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Here's our walkthrough on how to sync music from iTunes to Android. You'll never lose any favorite song during the process.

Step 1: Connect your Android phone (or tablet) to the computer

To transfer music to Android from iTunes using iTransfer, first download the app by clicking the link above, install it on your computer.

Launch iTransfer and plug the Android device into the machine. It should be detected immediately and shown on the program's window.

Click the Transfer iTunes Media to Device shortcut on the interface to continue.

Step 2: Select what you want to transfer from iTunes

This software will start scanning the iTunes and finally return a list of media files, as the image shown below.

Select what files you want to move to your Android phone. In this case, we just tick the box next to Music option.

Step 3: Start copying all songs from iTunes to Android

After confirming you selection, click the Transfer button at the lower right corner, and the program will initiate the iTunes music to Android transfer process.

Once it's done, it will pop up a messages saying that the tracks were transferred successfully and you can now listen to them on your Android phone (or tablet).

Transfer iTunes Music to Android with a Cable

If you don't mind taking more operations to achieve the goal, this traditional way also works.

  • Connect your Android phone (or tablet) to the computer using the included USB cable.
  • Set USB Mode to MTP (what is it) for transferring files.
  • Open a File Explorer window on your computer and navigate to the music folder on your Android device.
  • Open your iTunes library. By default it can be found: C:\Users\USERNAME\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\ (PC), or ~/Music/iTunes Media/Music/ (Mac).
  • Select what songs you want to move, and then copy to your Android music folder.

Transfer Music from iTunes to Android via Google Play Music

Another good way is upload your music in iTunes library to cloud and then use your Android device to stream it through app with Internet connection. There're plenty of free and paid those services available for you to choose from, one of them is Google Play Music, which allows you to save a massive 50,000 songs for free. Once uploaded you can play them across multiple devices as long as you use the same GPM account. Here's how.

  • On your computer, open Chrome web browser and signed in with your Google account.
  • Download Google Play Music for Chrome. You can do this by going to Google Play Music for Chrome, selecting Add to Chrome and then Add app.
  • Add music from iTunes on computer to Google Play Music library. To do this, go to the Google Play Music web player on Chrome, select the Menu icon and then choose Upload music. Then choose tunes from your iTunes library to upload with Select from your computer option.
  • Download the Google Play Music app on your Android phone (or tablet). Open it and log in using the same Google account you use with Google Play Music. Now you should be able to play music from iTunes with your Android phone (or tablet).

Tip: Amazon Music is another nice music streaming platform you can use to stream songs online..

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