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Unable to Find the Option to Show the Sidebar in iTunes 12

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:18 PM

The sidebar in iTunes has been an important part to allow users to navigate, access and manage their media files. As iTunes has been update to 12 version, there is a bit of makeover on its interface, one of which will be the missing sidebar from the default view. Some of you may think the absence of sidebar is confusing, and even annoying. Actually, you can restore the sidebar with a few clicks in this guide as follows.

Step one: Launch iTunes 12 on your computer.

Step two: Choose a media type such as music, movies or TV shows. In this case, we take music as an example.

Step three: Switch to Playlists button (next to My Music option) at the top-center bar and a sidebar will be presented on the left side. If you exit the Playlists view, the sidebar will be invisible again. Simply choose Playlists mode when necessary.

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