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How to Copy Music from an iPad to Huawei Phone or Tablet Easily

Switching from one device to another is quite common these days, and so is the transferring of the media files like music and videos. When iOS feels a little stale for your taste and you want to try Android devices, you probably would like to save the trouble to download the music again and just move the songs directly from iOS to Android. Actually, transferring music from iOS over to a new Android device isn't as difficult as you think. Read this post carefully and learn a quick way to move tracks from an iPad to an Android Huawei phone in one fell swoop.

It is exciting to get a new Huawei smartphone, and you are rather anxious to get all your music files in your iPad onto it. But on thinking of moving a substantial number of music files from the iPad to the Huawei Android phone, you are so overwhelmed, especially when it comes to two different operating systems.

Despite the fact that these two devices are running different operating systems, there are multiple ways to move tracks from iPad over to Huawei Android phone. One of the common ways is to connect both Huawei and iPad via WIFI network. But WIFI network is not always available, or the music file transmission may be unstable via WIFI, which sometimes results in certain data loss. So, what's the best approach to moving music between your two devices?

Phone Transfer, a versatile data migrating tool which boasts of clean interface and fast transfer process, is here to solve your worries. Let's just find out what exactly this program can do for you.

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Main Features

  • Migrate music, contacts, videos, sms, calendar, and other content effortlessly and seamlessly.
  • Support most of the audio formats, such as WMA, WAV, MP4, M4A, M4R, AIFF, etc
  • Full compatible with Android, iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
  • Work for both Windows and Mac computer.
  • Include options to back up all kinds of stuff to computer, and retrieve them back any time.

To get going, please download the program through the link above and install on your computer.

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Step 1: Plug your both devices into the computer and launch the software

First of all, open up the software on your computer. You'll be presented with a clean interface with metro style. On the screen are four modules (PC version has three modules). In our case, hit Phone to Phone Transfer to get into the next screen.

Using two USB cables to connect both Huawei phone and iPad to the computer. You then need to turn on USB debugging on your Huawei Android phone (or click "Cannot recognize the device" on the interface for help). For iPad, just tap Trust on home screen when prompted.

Step 2: Select Music option from the scanned list

Once connected properly, Your iPad should display on the left side (source) and Huawei as the right side (target), see as below. If they are in the wrong place, click Flip button to make a switch.

In the middle of the screen are listed available content, check the box beside Music and other content that you want to copy to your iPad from the Huawei device.

Also, the data transfer utility comes with "Clear data before copy" option on the lower right corner of the screen, allowing you to remove existing music files and other data on your Huawei before transferring.

Another important thing to remember is make sure your new Huawei phone has sufficient free space for the songs from iPad.

Step 3: Start migrating your iPad songs to Huawei by clicking "Start Copy" button

Once you are all set, hit the Start Copy button on the bottom center of the window. Please sit back and relax until the program finishes the music transferring process between your iPad tablet and Huawei phone.

Done! Unplug both devices from the computer and enjoy the music in your new phone.

Have a good time!

More features Phone Transfer Software

If you've got all your favorite tracks on your iPad and want to make a defense against losing them, then it is advisable to back them up onto the computer, especially if you are intending to switch to a new smartphone.

Phone Transfer understands this and provides a way to back up your music files and other content. Setting up the backup is extremely straightforward. You click Back Up Your Phone on the main interface > connect your phone to computer > select music > press Start Copy. Whenever you want your music back, you can use the Restore from Backups feature of this program on main interface to achieve it.

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