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How to Transfer Contacts from Motorola Phone to iPhone Instantly

There are plenty of 3rd party apps that claim to transfer contacts from Motorola Android phone to iPhone. What we're going to use in this article is an all-in-one tool named Phone Transfer, which moves all your stuff from one device to another easily and quickly.

If you've just bought a new iPhone and you're switching from a Motorola Android smartphone (Moto Z Force Droid, Z Droid, Z Play/Droid, Moto G⁴/Play, Moto X Pure Edition, whatever), one of the most daunting tasks is figuring out how to transfer all kinds of important data from the old Motorola to your new iPhone. There is no doubt that you've amassed years of data such as contacts, photos, music, messages on that old Motorola device and you don't want to lose them. Arguably the most important part among them is the contacts.

The method you choose to get the contacts migrated from a Motorola smartphone to an iPhone (or iPhone to Motorola) will probably depend on how many contacts you wish to move. If you just want to share no more than ten contacts, for example, you can use the Mail or Message service on your Motorola handset to send them to the new iPhone. If you have a large number of contacts to be moved, you'll have to go after other methods instead.

Luckily, switching mobile platforms doesn't mean transferring all your data including contacts difficult. Phone Transfer for Windows makes it easy to transfer contacts and other stuff between iPhone and Motorola. It works with other smartphones manufactured by Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Lumia, etc. No network required, just use a PC or Mac machine as a go-between.

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for Windows | for MacOS

If you're using an iMac or MacBook, you can use its Mac version—Phone Transfer for Mac to copy Motorola contacts to iPhone or contacts from iPhone to Motorola smartphone.

Migrating contacts from a Motorola phone to iPhone with Phone Transfer could be remarkably simple and quick, let's take a look at how it works. All of iPhone models are supported.

Step 1: Run the program on the computer and connect to your both phones

When you launch the program on your computer each time, you'll be greeted by a user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate.

The program includes four quick choices as to what you want to do exactly. In the example of this article, we select Phone to Phone Transfer option from the screen.

If you want to backup data of your phone to computer, restore from iTunes/iCloud backups, or even remove data on phone permanently, please go with 3 other choices.

Next, the software will ask you to connect your source phone and target phone that you wish to transfer contacts to. Here simply plug your old Motorola smartphone (Moto Z Force Droid, Z Droid, Z Play/Droid, Moto X, etc.) and new iPhone (iPhone 7/Plus, iPhone SE, 6s, etc.) into your machine.

In order to get authority to access data on your Motorola device without limitation, ensure that your Android device is on USB debugging mode (what is it?). Don't know how to do this? Click the "cannot recognize the device link" on the bottom of the screen, then in the pop-up window click Android icon, a step-by-step demo will tell you how to do. Don't worry, just a few taps on your Motorola phone.

Step 2: Select Contacts from your Motorola handset

After hooking up your both phones to computer, the program will automatically identify your respective device and start scanning the content on your source phone. Make sure your Motorola phone is on the left side of the screen as source device. If not, just press the Flip button on the center to switch the position of two devices.

Note: we're using a Huawei H60 in the following screenshot; your phone image should look different, but you get the idea.

Once the scan process completes, it will display all your content on the center list, sorting by Contacts, Text Messages, Calendar, Call logs, Apps, Photos, Music, Videos.

In our case we need to transfer contacts from Motorola over to iPhone, so click the checkbox next to Contacts from that list.

Step 3: Begin contacts transferring process

When you're ready, press the Start Copy button on the bottom center of the interface to start contacts moving from source Motorola to target iPhone.

The process time varies, depending on how much of contacts on your Motorola phone.

Once that is taken care of you should go to Contacts app on your iPhone (or go to Phone app and check Contacts ) and find that all of your Motorola contacts are on there.

You might also be interested in our compete guide of restoring contacts from a lost iPhone.

Phone Transfer is absolutely a excellent choice for importing all of your contacts from Motorola mobile phone to iPhone in one go. When you do a Google search, you may find that there are also some other options out there for the task, but all are a bit troublesome — here we'll walk you through the contacts transferring process by using Google account, Apple's Move to iOS app, SIM card, so you don't have to manually type the contacts on your iPhone one by one.

Use SIM Card

This method is a decent option for those who have already saved the contacts in SIM card on Motorola Android smartphone. You have to make sure the SIM card takes the same size as your iPhone (iPhone 5 and later use a Nano SIM and iPhone 4 (s) use a Micro SIM). The following is how to migrate Motorola contacts to iPhone through the SIM card used in Motorola handset.

Now that you have all your contacts on Motorola handset stored in SIM card, inset the SIM card into your iPhone. Then open Settings app on iPhone > Contacts > Import SIM Contacts. Now the contacts on SIM card are moved over to your iPhone and ready for use in the address book.

Use Move to iOS App

Another method to copy contacts directly to iPhone from Motorola handset is by using Move to iOS app — it's also available on Android devices, but a limitation is that it will only work when you are setting up your iPhone as a new device. Follow the guide below:

  • Start up your new iPhone. Once you land on the section labeled Apps & Data, choose Move Data from Android and open up the Move to iOS app on your Motorola phone (download in Google Play Store). Afterward, tap on Continue and then Agree to the terms and conditions on both handsets.
  • On Motorola phone, tap Next from the top right corner on the Find your Code window.
  • In the Enter Code window, use the digital code that appears on iPhone and type it on Motorola to build connection to iPhone.
  • When the Transfer Data window appears on Motorola handset, select bits of data you want to transfer over to iPhone and make sure Contacts is checked.
  • Tap Next on Motorola phone and the transfer process will begin. Wait until the process is finished and tap Continue Setting up iPhone on your iPhone and follow the on-screen steps to complete the setup process.
  • Once done, you can start enjoying your iPhone and the contacts on Motorola phone have been copied onto your iPhone.

Through Google Account

Since the Move to iOS app requires factory reset iPhone, if you don't want to erase the existing data on your iPhone, it’s a pretty solid way to move your contacts from Motorola over to iPhone using your Google account. Go to Settings on your Motorola handset and choose Accounts and Sync or Accounts or similar. Tap on Google and enter Gmail account details and enable synchronization.

Then grab your iPhone, unlock it and head to Settings app. Scroll down and tap on Accounts & Passwords (or Mail, Contacts, Calendars in some older versions of iOS). Then tap Add Account and choose Google. Enter Gmail account login information and switch the Contacts toggle on. That's it, you should find all of the Google contacts of your Motorola phone are available in address book on iPhone.

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