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How to Move Contacts from OnePlus Phone to iPhone Instantly

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 25, 2022 2:11 PM

Phone Transfer—one of the most simple and efficient ways to make contacts transfer from OnePlus to iPhone as quickly and painlessly as possible. You can even move music, photos, videos, podcasts, call logs, calendar from one device to another with it.

Now that you've made the decision to switch from Android to iOS, you may wonder how you can transfer contacts from your old OnePlus phone to the new iPhone without typing them manually. Fortunately, all of your contacts and other important stuff including music, photos, videos, text messages, calendar and contacts can be moved from OnePlus to iPhone without too much trouble these days.

Well, the reverse direction of process—transferring contacts from iPhone to OnePlus or any other Android phone isn't much of a hassle, either.

There are several ways to actually do the data transfer between iOS and Android devices. If you're making a wholesale move to a new iPhone with your OnePlus data, you will probably find using the Phone Transfer is the easiest method.

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Phone Transfer makes it straightforward to transfer all contacts from OnePlus to iPhone and vice versa, and transfer other types of data including music, photos, videos, call logs, calendar, messages stored on device in a fast manner. It also enables the easy creation of back-ups of data, and helps you get files from iTunes/ iCloud backups you made previously onto your another phone.

To copy contacts from OnePlus over to iPhone, you will have to first install the program on your either Mac & PC machine (download link above), once you have it installed, you'll be ready to go.

Step 1: Open up the program and connect both phones

The first time you open the software, you will see a simple interface that presents with 4 options to transfer data between smartphones, to create or restore a backup, or to erase data from a phone.

Click on the big green Phone to Phone Transfer option to get into the next screen.

In this screen you will see a message in the bottom of the box prompting you to connect your source phone and destination phone. To proceed, plug your OnePlus and new iPhone into the computer via USB cable.

You can click on the Flip button on the top center to exchange the position if incorrect.

It's worth pointing out that your source Android OnePlus device has to be on USB debugging mode (how to enable it?) to gives the program authority to access data on it.

Step 2: Choose contacts

The utility will start scan the data on your OnePlus phone. A few seconds later, it return a list of selectable items that you can choose to transfer.

Next, check the box beside Contacts as shown below. Check other items if needed.

Step 3: Transfer all OnePlus contacts to iPhone

Once you have selected contacts simply click on the green Start Copy button in the bottom center of the interface, the utility will set about transferring all contacts from OnePlus to iPhone.

How long the transfer process takes varies depending on how many contacts (and other stuff: videos, photos, music, etc.) you're transferring.

That's it! All of your contacts will be there on your iPhone soon.

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It's worth pointing out that the Erase Your Old Phone module on the main interface, if required, enables you to clear off all the data and delete remove all traces of information that existed on your handset permanently.

Hope this article is helpful for those who do intend making things a little easier in process of migrating data from Android to iPhone.

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