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How to Copy Data Files on iPhone to Sony Xperia Phone Quickly

If you are an iPhone user and thinking about switching to Android (Sony Xperia for example) or you have already done so, how do you deal with the vast majority of data, be it the contacts, SMS messages or photos? It's no denying that these data and information are too important to ditch. Read the guide as below and learn the identical way to get all of content off an iPhone and onto Android phone and vice versa.

Sony company launched a new series of smart phones lately, in an attempt to take a new direction from the Z-series, like Xperia™ XZ, Xperia™ X Compact, Xperia™ XA Ultra, Xperia™ XA, etc. Sporting a sexy design, the slender build and the new autofocus technology with image stabilization, Sony gives you a fresh feeling. Besides, Sony Xperia XZ is capable of expanding its storage using SD card. If you are a longtime iPhone user and are planning to go for a change, Sony Xperia series is a good option.

However, one of the most annoying aspects that you may share with most smartphone users when making a switch from iOS to Android is how to move all the precious data from the old iPhone to new Sony Xperia phone safely and quickly. Such data issues might pester most users for some time in the past. Thankfully, the web is full of data migrating utilities to address these annoying problems now, probably one of the most polished and reliable among which is Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a professional yet feature-packed data moving program, aiming to make the data transferring process between iOS and Android as easy and straightforward as possible. The transferrable data from iPhone to Sony Xperia ranges from personal information like contacts, text messages, call logs and calendar to media files such as music, videos and photos, and the data will keep intact and original after the data migrating process is finished. Now please join us and find out how this program works.

Just in Case: iPhone takes many roles in our life. It can be used to record videos, surf the internet, take pictures, text our friends or other essential functions. Thus, more and more iPhone users bank on their phone for storing important content like contacts, messages, notes, Safari history or call history. If you don't back up your iPhone periodically, this data can easily be lost and never come back again. However, there's also a way for recovering deleted data from iPhone even without backing up to iTunes/ iCloud by using iOS Data Recovery.

User Guide—How to Transfer iPhone Data to Sony Xperia Phone

Step 1: Connect your both devices to computer through supplied USB cable

Open the program, a main interface as shown below will be presented to you.

Among the 4 modules (Phone to Phone Transfer, Back Up Your Phone, Restore from Backups and Erase your old phone), click the green Phone to Phone Transfer module to continue.

On the next window, you are prompted to connect your both Sony smartphone and iPhone to the computer via USB.

Please enable USB debugging mode on your Sony Xperia phone once it's connected and tap Trust on your iPhone home screen to continue.

Step 2: Select content you want to move from iPhone

The program should now start scanning the data within source device. Please make sure you have set iPhone as the source device on the left side and Sony Xperia phone as the target device on the right corner when it comes to transferring stuff iPhone to Sony. If not, click Flip button on the top center to make a position exchange.

Once the scan process is complete, all of transferrable files within iPhone should list in the center box including contacts, music, photos, call logs, messages, video and other stuff.

Select and check those data files you would like to move from iPhone to Sony phone. It should be noted that apps migrating is not supported this process for OS compatible issue. Also, if you want the existing data in your new Sony handset to be deleted before the data transferring from iPhone, click Clear data before copy beneath the target device icon.

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Step 3: Start transferring process

After you are all set, simply click Start Copy button and wait patiently. Now wait while Phone Transfer move selected data files to Sony Xperia phone from iPhone. How much time is needed for the process to finish is decided by the scale of the data.

After the progress bar reaches 100 percent, click OK button on the window and disconnect both handsets. Now, the data has been copied to your new Sony Xperia Android phone.



Most users don't pay enough attention to data backup or some are just complaining that data backup is too troublesome to care about. In fact, data loss is more serious than you might imagine. Whether it is due to malware attack, usage error or other causes, data loss should be avoided as possible as you can.

In order to create an impressive user experience for data backup and spare you the efforts and time, data backup and restoration, another feature of Phone Transfer, is at your service. You're allowed to copy your all of existing phone data directly to computer in case of any emergency.

By the way, another similar software iTransfer is also capable of selectively transferring and making a backup among iOS & Android devices, iTunes and computer. It can handle almost everything like contacts, calendars, photos, music, playlists, movies, etc.

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Sony Models: Xperia™ XZ1, Xperia™ XZ1 Compact, Xperia™ XZ Premium, Xperia™ XA1/ Plus/ Ultra.

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