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How to Transfer All Songs from iPhone to Samsung Note20 (Ultra) Quickly

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 14, 2022 9:40 PM

Music stored in our handset accompanies us wherever we go. When you get a new Android, you may want to get all the available data from your old iPhone to the new Android phone and music is definitely the important part to be moved, since you don't want to download your hundreds of favorite songs from scratch to the new phone. In this article, we will introduce to you a practical way to transfer the music tracks from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy Note20.

When you are reading this post, you probably have got a new Samsung Note20 and may wonder how to move a large array of music files from the old iPhone to the new Galaxy Note20. In most cases, iOS doesn't allow the direct transfer of songs from iPhone over to Galaxy Note20 due to Apple's anti-piracy policy. Luckily, Phone Transfer makes it pretty easy.

Phone Transfer offers a safe and seamless way to transfer your own tracks directly to Samsung Note20 from iPhone. With just a few clicks, you can export the songs out of iPhone and import them into Samsung Note20. In addition to music migration, other data to be copied ranges from private data like contacts, text messages, call logs to media files such as photos and videos.

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Phone Transfer is far much more than a simple tool for data migration—It has extra options to backup your phone data on computer, and get it back when you need. It even allows you to retrieve data from a backup file you created in iTunes, iCloud, OneDrive previously.

Let's see how it works in music transfer from iPhone to Samsung Note20.

Step 1: Plug in both devices to the computer

Open up the program on your computer (Mac & PC), and select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode from its interface to continue.

A new window opens, just like the image shown below. You're asked to connect both handsets to the computer using USB cable.

Next, go to Samsung Note20 Settings screen to enable USB Debugging Mode. On iPhone, tap trust to allow the program to read the data.

Step 2: Select Music option in the scan results

After two devices have been recognized by the software, they will show up on the window. In this case, iPhone should be located on the left (source) and Note20 on the right (destination). If not, press Flip button to swap their place.

If you only transfer music on iPhone to your new Galaxy Note20, simply check Music and leave other files unchecked.

Step 3: Start music migration from iPhone to Note20

Finally, hit the Start Copy button at the bottom and wait for the Phone Transfer to finish the music copying process from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note20 phone. Please ensure that both devices remain connected to the computer in the course of process. Otherwise, the process may fail or the music files may be partially transferred.

After the process is finished, all of your music files from iPhone should show up in your Samsung Note20. Enjoy!

The Bottom Line

Rather than rebuilding a new music library in your Samsung Note20, Phone Transfer build a bridge to transfer the songs available in your iPhone to Samsung Note20 without a piece of tune being left. Download and give it a shot!

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