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How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Samsung Note20 (Ultra)

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:25 PM

Samsung continues to woo smartphone users from iPhone. For those who just ditch their iPhone and picked up a new Samsung Galaxy Note20, this post may be helpful when you want to move a bunch of text messages from iPhone to Samsung Note20.

When replacing iPhone with Android phone, it is not just a change of device itself. Before you set up the new device, you may be figuring out ways to take all messages from iPhone with you. Actually, transferring messages from iPhone to Note20 doesn't have to be a hassle as you think.

Phone Transfer introduced here provides a seamless and smooth data transfer between iOS and Android. It can get the text messages from iPhone all the way through to Samsung Note20 along with other files like contacts, call history, calendar, photos, videos and songs. Besides, there are options for backup and restoration. After you import the SMS messages into Samsung Note20 from iPhone, it is wise to make a backup of your phone data in the computer regularly again lost.

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The steps involved as follows are relatively straightforward and easy to handle. Please download and install this program on your computer and try how to quickly migrate all your iPhone text messages to the new Samsung Note20 phone.

Step 1: Connect your devices to the computer

Open up the program on the computer and select "Phone to Phone Transfer" option on the left side.

Next, hook up your iPhone with the computer. Do the same thing with your Samsung Galaxy Note20. Meanwhile, enable USB debugging mode on Samsung Note20 to access the memory. On iPhone, simply tap trust on the home screen to continue.

Step 2: Scan the iPhone and mark Text Messages on the checkbox

After both handsets get connected, they will appear on the both sides in screen. There is Flip button on top center. You can click it to swap their position so as to copy SMS from iPhone to Galaxy Note20.

On the pane are listed various data types along with the number of items for each data type. In this regard, mark Text messages on the checkbox. The same can be done with other file types like Contacts, Call logs, Photos, Music, etc.

Tip: If for some reason you lost some important messages on your iPhone, you still have a chance to get them back. Please check out article on how to recover messages from iPhone with iOS Data Recovery application.

Step 3: Start moving SMS to Samsung Note20 from iPhone

Click on the button green Start Copy button to begin transferring messages and other data files you selected to Samsung Galaxy Note20. The whole process should be finished quickly.

Please make sure both gadgets are connected throughout the entire process. Otherwise, the process will stop and you are forced to start from scratch.

The Bottom Line

No matter how large your database, it should not prevent you from acquiring your desired Samsung Note20. Phone Transfer is able to help you cope with this and migrate files (SMS, contacts, call logs, photos, music) from iPhone to Samsung Note20 or other Android phones.

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