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How to Copy Data from OnePlus to iPhone Seamlessly

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:25 PM

Maybe you are fed up with your OnePlus and decided to buy a new handset for a change. The value-for-money iPhone is a good choice for you. Now you may be faced with such a issue: how can you transfer your important data from old OnePlus to new iPhone safely and quickly?

In case you want to move specific photos, videos, songs, for example, you can connect two devices to computer and drag files from the old OnePlus device onto desktop and then sync with iPhone via iTunes. However, if you want to move something like contacts and messages, then this obviously is not your place to go.

Fortunately, whether you're looking to make copies of your personal contacts, calendar, call logs or simply import your media files including videos, songs, photos from OnePlus onto an iPhone and vice versa, Phone Transfer has you covered!

Phone Transfer — One Click to Move OnePlus Data to New iPhone

The software is able to migrate data (contacts, music, videos, text messages, call logs, photos) between iOS and Android, including OnePlus to iPhone without a hitch. The data switching process is straightforward with just a few steps.

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for Windows | for MacOS

In addition to data migration function, Phone Transfer also let you get a full backup of your substantial data on the phone to your computer to guard against data loss or damage. You can also retrieve the data back from the computer backups and move into your phone when necessary.

Now let's take a few minutes and walk you through on how to migrate all your content from OnePlus over to an iPhone. You can also use it to handle the reverse journey - moving files from iPhone to OnePlus smartphone.

Step 1: Run Phone Transfer and connect two devices

Download Phone Transfer and install on your Mac or PC. After the installation complete, double click its icon to open it, you should see a main interface like this.

Here we click the green Phone to Phone Transfer option to continue.

Now you plug the two handsets using a USB cable into the computer to make a connection.

You are required to set up your OnePlus Android device on debugging mode. If you don't have a clue, please click "Cannot recognize the device" on the window or refer to How to enable debugging mode on OnePlus. Also, tap Trust on your iPhone screen to trust the computer.

Step 2: Select OnePlus data files

Now the software should detect your both devices automatically and display them on both sides of the window. If the position is mixed up, click Flip to make a switch. And the data scanning from source device (see left in screenshot) begins.

When the scanning complete, you'll be presented with a list of transferrable files including contacts, photos, text messages, music, videos, call logs, etc. Now you can choose and tick the data types you would like to migrate from OnePlus to iPhone.

Tip: You can click Clear data before copy (see bottom right) to remove the existing data in your iPhone before moving stuff from your old OnePlus device.

Step 3: Start transferring OnePlus data files to iPhone

Now click the green Start Copy button to let the content migrating process begins and wait patiently for a while.

Please make sure both your both phones are well connected to the computer in the course of the transferring process or the selected data will be partially copied. A progress bar will pop up telling you the status of the data coping process from OnePlus to an iPhone.

After the transfer ends, click OK and unplug both your devices from the computer. Now, you check the transferred data in your iPhone.


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