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Android to iPhone 14? Here's How to Transfer Your Messages

Rob Parsons Updated on Sep 27, 2022 9:27 PM

It is hard to imagine that Android loyalist would switch to iOS platform, but it does happen. Actually, many users would switch their device several times before they finally cling to either of the two operating systems. As the switch happens, here comes the learning curve to get accustomed to the new interface and buttons, and the attendant task of moving everything in-between, including text messages from Android to iPhone.

Let's suppose you have migrated from your stale Android to a sleek iPhone 14. The pain comes afterwards when you open the inbox of new iPhone and find out that all the text messages with your loved one are not there. As a phone switcher, you don't have to abandon all your valuable text messages stored in the old Android phone. There are ways you can take to transfer text messages from Android phone to iPhone 14.

Despite what the internet says, this is not a drudgery as to the migration of SMS messages from Android to iPhone 14, considering that you are able to transfer media files (photos, music, videos) in-between. If you are searching for one that is designed for the average user, then Phone Transfer hits the spot.

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The application is a reliable and efficient tool. It copies more than text messages from Android to iPhone 14. Actually, it can initiate simultaneous transfer of multiple file types (contacts, call logs, calendars, photos, music, etc) to your shiny new device. This program features an intuitive interface which gets you started in a straightforward way, even if you are not computer savvy.

How to Transfer SMS from Android phone to iPhone 14

Step 1: Connect both phones to the computer

After installation, launch the program on the computer and choose the green "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode. Then connect your Android handset and iPhone to the computer with USB cable.

Please allow USB debugging mode on Android device so that the software can detect the handset and scan the data. On iPhone, tap Trust to proceed.

Step 2: Choose messages in the list

Once you have connected, the next screen will display two devices and begin scanning the data. After a while, it will return a list of different file types on the middle pane.

As you want to move Android text messages to iPhone 14, you need to make sure Android is connected as source device and iPhone as destination device. Press Flip button to make a switch if necessary.

In the middle section, you can select what files to be copied. In our case, select "Text messages" option. Note: Call logs and Apps are grayed out, as the transfer of these file types is not possible.

Step 3: Begin copying Android messages to iPhone 14

Press Start Copy button to begin the transfer process. If you have a large amount of Android text messages to be transferred to iPhone 14, the process could take a while.

You have to remain connected during the whole process until the progress bar reaches 100 percent.

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