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How to transfer Android videos to iPhone seamlessly

Switching from Android to iPhone or simply sharing videos across platforms? Here's how you can find the right solutions to transfer videos between Android and iOS devices.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Aug 5, 2023 2:55 PM

What to know when sending videos from Android to iPhone:

  • Android videos can be manually synced to iPhone with iTunes / Finder using a computer.
  • Not just videos, Phone Transfer allows you to get everything from Android to iPhone with simple steps even if you've set up the new iOS device already.
  • With the Move to iOS app, you'll find how easy it is to move videos from Android to iPhone wirelessly. The cloud service like Google Drive also transfers videos between devices.

Get Android videos to your new iPhone, along with step-by-step instructions.

Videos remain the most precious form of memories, preserving moments that you can cherish for a lifetime. Especially when you have a new iPhone that offers more storage, you will want to keep all the memorable videos on the new device. However, if you're a new user just switching from Android to iPhone, sending videos across Android and iOS platforms isn't easy for you.

Actually, transferring videos from Android to iPhone is still a somewhat tedious task so far — but not impossible. Here's how you can share Android videos to an iPhone:

How to share videos from Android to iPhone using Finder or iTunes on computer

To get videos moved from an Android to an iPhone, you can simply put the videos on your computer, and then sync them to the iPhone using iTunes or Finder which is the official tool to move data like photos and videos to iOS devices from its file library or a folder on the computer.

On Macs with macOS Catalina, you can open Finder to transfer video from your Android to your iPhone seamlessly. However, if you have an older Mac or a Windows PC, you can use iTunes. Either way, you'll first transfer your videos from the Android phone to computer.

Note: All videos previously stored in your iPhone will be erased and replaced by the new ones after the sync. Make sure that you've saved copies of the important files on your iPhone.

  • Connect your Android device to your computer using a cable. Access your Android videos through Internal storage or DCIM > Camera.
  • Simply select the videos you want to transfer from the Android device and drag and drop them to your desktop or an empty folder. Then unplug the Android phone.
  • Open a Finder window and connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable.
  • Unlock your iPhone device. If prompted, press Trust this device on your iPhone.
  • Click your iOS device from the sidebar of the window.
  • Choose the Photos from the option bar. Tick the checkbox of Sync photos to your device from, then select the videos or a video folder from your computer. And don't forget to select Include videos from the options. Or you can also choose Movies below the iPhone's info.
  • Once done, click Apply at the bottom and the syncing process will start automatically.

Share Android videos from computer to iPhone via Finder / iTunes.

It's convenient to move files to iPhone via iTunes or Finder, but the transfer usually happens slowly. If you want to make a quick transfer from phone to phone directly, then the next tool Phone Transfer will do exactly what you expect.

Send videos from Android to iPhone with a click

As mentioned, Phone Transfer is a phone-to-phone data transfer tool, which is currently available for up to 18 types of data transfer across platforms. It offers straightforward data transfer options, and also has the ability to move WhatsApp chats between devices.

You can simply select the videos and other files you want and do a single click to start the transferring process. This can let you move various files from one phone to another at the same time. Aside from this, Phone Transfer moves your videos without any quality loss and there is no limit as long as your target iPhone has enough storage space. Most importantly, it will never erase the current content on the target device. You can keep the data on both devices.

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for Windows | for MacOS

Step 1: Open Phone Transfer. Choose Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone.

To send videos from Android to iPhone, use the Phone to Phone mode.

Step 2: Connect both Android and iPhone to computer.

Select Android as the source device and iPhone as the target device using the Flip button. On the Android device, when prompted, follow the instructions to turn on the USB debugging mode so that the movies and other data files on the Android can be detected.

The Flip button allows you to switch the source and target devices.

Step 3: Videos from Android to iPhone in one click.

Once it scans all the files from the source Android, check Videos and anything else you want to transfer, and click on Start button to transfer videos from Android to iPhone.

Select and transfer videos and other files you want from Android to iPhone.

Depending on how many videos you're moving, the transfer will take from seconds to a few minutes. And finally, you'll be able to access all the videos on the iPhone. With only three steps, you can see how easy it is to transfer videos from Android to iPhone directly without any data loss. So if you're searching how to send high quality videos from android to iPhone, Phone Transfer will be your best choice.

Transfer videos from Android to iPhone wirelessly

Apart from the two methods shown above that require the use of a computer, there are also a couple of methods that can help you transfer videos from an Android to an iPhone wirelessly.

Move data from Android to iPhone during setup

If you've got yourself a new iPhone device, then Move to iOS app may be a good wireless option for you to move data from an Android device to an iPhone that hasn't been fully set up.

To get started, install and open Move to iOS app on your old Android. You can easily get it from Google Play or App Store. Make sure you've enabled Wi-Fi. Then tap Continue > Agree.

  • Now, start setting up the new iPhone. When you reach the Apps & Data screen, press the Move Data from Android option.
  • When you see the Move from Android screen, tap Continue. This will show you a 6-digit or 10-digit code. Enter that code on the Android device.
  • Once done, the iPhone will create a temporary wireless network. And on the Android device, press Connect when prompted. After that, the Transfer Data screen will show up.
  • Select the videos you want to share from Android to the new iPhone and tap Continue.
  • A loading bar will appear on both devices showing the transfer's progress. Remember not to break the connection until both the loading bars finishes.
  • Once the transfer is completed, press Done on the Android device. And tap Continue on your iPhone to finish the setup process.

Move videos from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS app.

While this method is relatively easier, the transfer speed is slow and it only works on iPhones that are brand new and aren't even set up.

Transfer videos from Android to iPhone after setup

But what if you don't have a computer and your iPhone has already been set up? In that case, you can make use of cloud storage service to make the video transfer from Android to iPhone. And Google Drive can be a good option since it provides each user with 15 GB of cloud storage available for free. Although it limits the transfer capacity, you can still use it to move some of your movies from an Android phone to an iPhone.

  • On both Android and iPhone devices, download and install the Google Drive app. Then log in with the same Google Account.
  • Open Google Drive on the Android. On the home page, tap the '+' button and choose Upload.
  • Select the videos you want. Google Drive will upload and store the video files in the cloud.
  • Once uploaded, head over to your iPhone and open Google Drive app. Here, you will see all the videos you uploaded from the Android device.
  • Select the videos and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Choose Download from the options. And the videos will now be downloaded from Google Drive to the iPhone.

Upload and download video files through Google Drive.

It is easy to transfer videos wirelessly with Google Drive. And remember that the maximum of its total storage for free is 15 GB. If there's more, you'll have to transfer videos in turns. You can transfer the first 15 GB, delete it from the Drive, and repeat the process.


So there you have 4 easy methods about sending videos from Android to iPhone, including two wireless ways and two using the computer. However, the wireless methods may be relatively slow depending on the speed of the network and the number of videos you're sending. And also, if you don't like to erase the existing videos on the iPhone, then Phone Transfer will be the best way to send videos from Android to iPhone, compromising neither the quality nor quantity of the videos.

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