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How to Copy Call Logs from iPhone to Google Pixel Phone

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 14, 2022 8:48 PM

This article will show you how to transfer call history from iPhone to Google Pixel.

Call logs in our smartphone is important in our everyday life, whether we are making phone call or keep a record of the detail of call logs, including the contact persons, contact numbers, call time and call date. When you switch from iPhone to Google Pixel, I'm sure moving call logs from old iPhone to new Google Pixel is one of your top priority. Unlike music or videos, moving call logs across devices can sometimes be a little tricky, especially when the call logs transferring process is conducted between two different OS.

Some iPhone users may be reluctant to switch to Google Pixel because they shrink back at the thought of moving countless call logs over to Google Pixel from iPhone. But Phone Transfer offers a solution making it simple and quick.

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Phone Transfer is an one-click program that enables you to move call logs from iPhone to Google Pixel with minimal effort. Other important files residing in your iPhone including call logs, contacts, SMS, videos, photos, calendars, songs can be moved to your Google Pixel device quickly as well.

Here's the full scope of its capabilities:

  • Transfer data between Android and iOS.
  • Most of types of data supported: contacts, music, call logs, photos, videos, calendar, messages
  • Three simple steps involved: connect two devices, select data, and start transfer
  • Retrieve files from your iTunes, iCloud, and OneDrive backup
  • Back your phone data onto computer to protect your data from being lost

Something Can't Miss: If you have some important files (contacts, photos, messages, notes, etc.,) deleted or lost on your old iPhone, for whatever reason, you can easily get the lost data back from your iPhone before you move all of content from iPhone to Pixel.

Please download the tool on either your PC or Mac and follow the following guide to copy your call logs from the old iPhone to the new Google Pixel Android phone.

Step 1: Connect both iPhone and Google Pixel to Computer

Open up Phone Transfer on computer and select the "phone to phone transfer" mode.

Attach your iPhone and Google Pixel smartphone to the computer.

You then enable USB debugging mode on your Pixel phone, and tap Trust on home screen of your iPhone.

Step 2: Select call logs from your iPhone

Once connected is set up, your both phone should display on both side of the screen, as image shown below. Click the Flip button to switch their positions if required.

The tool will scan your source iPhone carefully and return a list of types of data on the centre pane of the window, such as: contacts, call logs, calendars, video, photos, songs, text messages, apps.

From there, tick "call logs" box you would like to transfer over to Pixel phone. You should also check the "Clear data before copy" checkbox in the bottom right corner of the screen, enabling you to completely erase your data on Google Pixel before transfer if you wish.

[Also see: How to recover deleted call logs on Google Pixel phone]

Step 3: Press "Start Copy" to initiate the transfer process

Now, click Start Copy button to starting moving iPhone call logs to Pixel Android phone on your computer. The entire process needs a few minutes to finish (if you only transfer call logs).

When the process is finished, you can unplug both your devices and check the details of call logs in your new Google Pixel device, including missed calls, received calls, dialed numbers.

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